Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nick Clegg - Is the party over?

Cameron and Clegg born just 3 months apart have Saturn at the same degree in their charts (24 Pisces) The chart below shows transits to Nick Clegg's Chart at the time of the election


As the UK general election approached in May 2010 transiting Jupiter was conjunt that Saturn. For those new to astrology Jupiter can bring hope, opportunity increase and expansion whilst Saturn brings responsibility, status, restrictions and limitations. As we all know by now there was a hung parliament . The Conservatives had more seats but not enough for a majority government and so within days Lib-dems formed a coalition government with the Tories.

Just have a look at what Curtis Mainwairing says about this transit: This is often a time of balancing liberal and conservative principles.
As we all know by now that Curtis Mainwairing's description was strangely symbolic in describing exactly what happened.

So with Cameron PM and Clegg Deputy PM is the Jupiter/Saturn job done? No! Fast forward to the 20th October and the government unveil it's spending review. A lot of budgets were cut in order to reign in what the government see as necessary cuts (Saturn) to what they say has been excessive spending (Jupiter) - this just as Jupiter is making its second pass over Clegg and Cameron's natal Saturn.

Now as December approaches Jupiter is heading for the 3rd and final pass of that Saturn (12th December) - so what will happen then?

Let's take a look at what is going on currently, we have students (Jupiter) protesting country-wide over the increase of tuition fees. The increase to offset cuts (Saturn) to university budgets. Much of the student anger is directed at Clegg, because as leader of the Lib Dems it was his party's election manifesto that promised to phase out university fees.

Taking a closer look at Clegg's chart and we see that natal Saturn is in a tight opposition to Uranus, and astrologers always know that Uranus will upset the apple-cart. Uranus brings radical change, rebellion, enlightenment, disruption.

We've already seen a radical change to Clegg's status, it would have been barely believable a couple of years ago to think that the leader of the Lib-Dems could hold such a powerful position as Deputy PM. But with Jupiter approaching this third and final opposition to this point I would suggest that rebellion is now the key note - unless Clegg rebels against toeing the (Conservative) party line then he could find a radical upset to his current position.

Even more so when we note that this final pass of Jupiter to that opposition of Jupiter Uranus coincides with Saturn transiting his Midheaven (status, career position) just a few days later on the 16th


So be careful Clegg because the party could well be over soon.


Kitty said...

Will t.Mars be hovering over his natal Sun around about that time too?

Nice post, hun. Always interesting. x

sas said...

Thanks Kitty. t.mars won't hit until the end of December - but it's possibly sign of another nail in the coffin