Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Brother 11 - Some Astrological Stuff

I usally do the chart of the start of the show for Big Brother and then post my findings on a quiet little forum. This year I'm sharing with the world, or at least those of you who read my blog.

BB11 chart

We already know that this BB is starting differently to any other, with 80 potential housemates present during the start of the launch show they will find out live on air whether they have been successful.

This unexpected twist is shown by the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. In fact that conjunction indicates that there are going to be lots of unexpected twists and turns during the show - some of them quite OTT. The fact that the two planets are together at 0 degrees of Aries indicates to me as if they are almost making it up as they go along. Whether they are or not the show will also appear to be new and exciting rather than the stale format of previous years.

Jupiter and Uranus are opposite Saturn though, so the new format may upset some diehard fans.

Sun ruler, Mercury is square to Mars, so there could be tensions in the house, and maybe a lot of cross words. As mercury rules the 9th house these could be in connection with religious or philosophical beliefs. With Mars ruling the 4th, one thing that won't change is the usual rows over food.

The Moon exalted in Taurus and Venus having term and face in Cancer are the two strongest planets, plus they are in mutual reception. This indicates to me that the winner will be female, a classic beauty who is also a motherly/caring type. She may also tend to squirrel away food for herself. It's quite possible that regular viewers will spot this potential winner from the word go.


Snozz xxxxx said...

Thanks for that. Has made me even more excited about the start of Big Brother! Tee hee!

sas said...

Let's hope I'm not wildly wrong ;)

Kitty said...

The 9th also relates to 'overseas' or foreign people, so perhaps there will be some cultural tensions too? That should liven up the forum no end :-O

sas said...

Hi Kitty, yes it does indicate overseas :) Cultural tensions are often a result of differing philosophies. As you say, it should liven up the forum (I assume you mean Digitalspy?) no end. It all adds to the entertainment.