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An Astrologer Thinking Aloud

Every year in January I lead a discussion at the Suffolk Astrological Society looking at an overview of the year. As anyone who does Mundane astrology knows this involves looking at a lot of charts. My method is to look at ingress and eclipse charts. Using tight orbs I tend to just see what jumps out at me, I make brief notes on my perceptions in order to open up the charts for discussion. In effect the notes are me thinking aloud. SAS members will either agree with my thoughts and/or add their own. Please feel free to do likewise.


4th January 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse 13 Capricorn.
Interesting eclipse, depending upon where you are either Capricorn or Aquarius rises and Either Sag or Scorpio on Midheaven - signifying a country divided?

Solar Eclipse 4th JanSet for Westminster we have the last degree of Capricorn rising - the nation is getting ready for change. In all cases the eclipse is in the 12th - the nation is its own worst enemy? More hidden issues are yet to come to light? Maybe confirmed by the Eclipse squaring 1801 nodes.
Saturn chart ruler in 8th is very very dignified. 8th is issues with either tax or banks. The eclipse is applying to a square of Saturn and then to a conjunction of dignified Mars - something here to come to light? Maybe connected with banker's bonuses? Or more cock-ups with the tax system?
  • Eclipse opposite Tory Uranus (natal 6th co-rules Aquarius intercepted in the first) rumblings of discontent from the bank benchers?
  • Eclipse Opp Lib-Dem asc Lib-dems are being eclipsed? Star on the wane?
  • Eclipse Nnode on Ed Miliband's Sun whilst eclipse Saturn trines those nodes - would suggest this is all about timing, he will gain more respect and his popularity will improve if he gets it right?
  • Eclipse Opp Q Elizabeth Pluto and also conjunct Prince Philip’s Asc. Given the added thoughts below re the eclipses I’m thinking that maybe thigns don’t look good for one or the other of them.
  • Conj M Thatcher Jupiter/Pluto opposition. (She will also have Jupiter coming up to oppose her 6th house ruler mars and Saturn coming up to square that Pluto/Jupiter opposition.) Things not looking good here either. 
**Saros 13 North "This is an eclipse family of groups and associations. Its energy is about large ambitious group projects. These projects will require a separation and a breaking of a bond that already exists. The individual may well experience this eclipse initially as a separation and then as a joint achievement".


12 Mar 2011 Aries ingress of Uranus
Uranus briefly went into Aries 28 May 2010. August 2010 went back into Pisces) Now in Aries until 2018

Aries ingress of UranusIngress chart: Uranus in 3rd but conjunct IC, on a big level could change the way we view the media, the way we communicate. (Seconded by moon in Gemini) and will have an impact on home-life (seconded by Chart ruler in 4th).
If there are news articles to reflect the ongoing influence of Uranus in Aries they may well involve primary schooling. I'm wondering if maybe there will be a rise in home schooling during the next 7 years.

To get a flavour of Uranus in Aries I looked at some of the events that occurred in 1927, this was the previous ingress of Uranus into Aries - will leave you to draw your own conclusions
  • UK In Britain, a 1000 people a week die from influenza epidemic. BBC Nationalised
  • Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia becomes independent
  • China, China attacks foreign ships approaching Chinese waters. Earthquake measuring 8.6 on Richter scale strikes Xining, China killing 200,000
  • Russia, Leon Trotsky is expelled from the Communist Party and Josef Stalin takes control.
  • U.S. The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 affects 700,000 people in the greatest national disaster in US history
  • Striking miners from the Columbine Mine are massacred with machine gun fire at Serene. Charles Lindbergh flies The Spirit of St. Louis across the Atlantic nonstop and solo, direct from New York City to Paris, as the first solo transatlantic flight.

March 20th 2011 Aries ingress of the sun
With fixed sign rising it's said that the effects of the ingress will rumble on for a year.

Aries ingress of SunSun conjunct Uranus, desire for change, political tensions maybe even more riots. With Scorpio rising and mars in Pisces will we see the threatened deployment of water cannons?
And/or, as Mars has term and face but is in Pisces will there be a lot of righteous anger but nowhere for it to be directed?
Moon is in Libra, it has no essential dignity but is conjunct spica, thus giving a 'feel good' factor. Not sure what this is about unless it's the upcoming royal wedding or maybe some success for Britain, maybe in acting or sports.
  • Ingress asc trine Cameron's Saturn also has his sun conjunct ingress Saturn. Normally this would be more responsibility or it could be feeling restricted - but with Spica involved maybe he has reason to feel pleased with himself? Though with Ingress chart ruler (and sun) trine his Neptune maybe it's all an illusion. Or he is going to jump on the royal wedding bandwagon in the hope of reflected glory?
  • Ingress asc conjunct Clegg's Neptune whilst ingress Mars is opposite his Pluto and ingress moon is conjunct his Mars. Suggest that Clegg is fighting for his political life, especially as Lib-dem mars is conjunct ingress Pluto


4th April 2011 Neptuune Ingress into Aries
In April Neptune dips into Pisces, dips out again in Aug, giving us a taste of what is to come next year. (Back in to aqu 5 aug, then piscesfrom 3 feb 2012)

Aries Ingress of Neptune Last time Neptune was in Pisces (1848) saw the rise of the Chartist movement in the UK . The People's Charter was not enacted in the 1840s. In the short term Chartism failed, but it was a movement founded on an optimism that was eventually justified. It was a powerful assertion of the rights of working people, creating in them a long-term self-confidence and self-reliance. During the century after the end of the movement, most of the Chartist demands were passed into law, and undoubtedly the Chartist issues of democratic inclusion and the rights of citizenship remain highly relevant today.
I'll say no more on this other than to say that I think we will agian see ordinary workers demanding a fairer deal


June 1st Partial Solar Eclipse 11 Gemini
Partial Solar Eclipse June 1stEclipse in Gemini 6th trine Saturn. Jupiter, chart ruler on eclipse IC to me signifies a sense of movement, things about to change. (Also mutable asc and chart ruler at end of Aries) Eclipse is in the 6th house, health/sickness, health service, trade unions, work (in particular services).
As the eclipse triggers UK 9th I doubt it's an epidemic, though if it is then there may be an embargo on foreign travel. It's more likely that the cuts and cutbacks that are beginning to bite.
Eclipse also trines Saturn in eclipse chart (I have brain freeze - can't think what this might mean)

  • Eclipse Mercury is square Tory Jupiter; this is an aspect of grandiose ideas or promising more than can be delivered. Eclipse also square Tory nodal axis - adverse circumstances. As eclipse Venus is opposite Cameron's Neptune this reinforces the grandiose ideas. Eclipse mercury is square his mars so this is not a good time for Cameron to be saying the wrong thing.
  • Eclipse Uranus opposite Labour party moon whilst eclipse Saturn squares Miliband's moon, if there were to be a general election at this time then these would be good significators of a labour victory. However it would have to be a much changed labour party. (Uranus)
  • Eclipse squares Lib-Dem moon, eclipse Pluto on LD mars, eclipse Venus exactly trine Clegg's Venus to the minute. Big transformation in values, plus high finance. So although the lib dems will be battling Clegg will not be. I suspect that if his position is threatened he will be lining himself up a job in the finance sector
Saros 13 old south
"This family of eclipses has a very similar energy to its north node cousin: expansive energy under which lies a more sinister flavour. An urge to expand is experienced, but the expansion contains frustration, inhibitions and loss or separation."

4th June Jupiter ingress into Taurus where it will stay for a year
Jupiter ingress into TaurusLibra rises, with a dignified chart ruler (Venus) in Taurus (8th,) dignified moon in Cancer and exalted Saturn conjunct asc. On the whole this is a nice chart, for once Jupiter may well deliver on what it promises, (financial and educational gains) markets will be buoyant and if nothing else the bankers are still raking it in! (Though Jupiter will go retrograde later this year so any gains made now may well stall during the last few months of the year.) But meanwhile this could well be a 'feel good' period, especially as the angles are very close to the UK chart.

15th June total lunar eclipse 24 Sagittarius 
Lunar Eclipse 15 JuneEclipse slap bang on asc/desc (Moon void - a sense of waiting for something to happen?) Asc Sag, Chart ruler Jupiter in 4th conjunct IC Eclipse across UK 3rd/9th emphasis on education, communication and travel. Eclipse also squares UK 9th house Saturn reinforcing this. Have a feeling that no one is going anywhere. Maybe another strike somewhere affecting flights? Same Saros as previous solar eclipse,13 old south

  • Eclipse MC opposite Lib-Dems Jupiter. Also squares Clegg's Uranus Saturn opposition. If he is still leader of the LibDems by this time he won't be for much longer.
  • Eclipse also across Labour Asc and eclipse Jupiter on Miliband's Saturn, his moon also squares that Jupiter. Suspect that Miliband (and thus labour party) will not be getting good press, may be accused of too many conservative principles.
21 June Cancer ingress of Sun
Cancer ingress0f SunSun will of course be at 0 degrees but Mars and Neptune are also at 0 degrees, this would signify some sort of change or movement to me.Scorpio rising, mars in Gemini 7th - some sort of negotiations/tension between UK and other countries as Gemini I wonder if this is to do with trade? Possible confirmation with asc activating UK 1801 chart 2nd and Ingress sun in 8th

  • Asc conjunct Tory Saturn/moon opposition. Natally we would say that this natal opposition shows an aversion to change, could also indicate a constant battle for support of the people. Once they have won that support though it tends to be unswerving. This is to the fore for the cancer ingress. Ingress moon is also conjunct south node. I'm not sure if the Tory party will be enjoying a lot of support from their own grass root level supporters, or if they will be struggling now to portray themselves in a positive light.
  • Nothing much showing in Cameron's chart and nothing major jumps out for the other parties or their leaders. (suspect more brain freeze)


July 1st Solar partial eclipse at 9 Cancer
Solar Eclipse July 1stEclipse in 11th house in mundane astrology represents Parliament, especially the House of Commons. Town and County Councils and similar bodies. Friends of the nation. Legislation. In personal astrology it’s friends, hopes, shared dreams, rebelliousness. It's a dignified moon but as Virgo rises, and chart ruler mercury in Cancer has no essential dignity it's an eclipse that can both give and take. Certainly it's not a good time to be making decisions with that poorly placed Mercury. I don't think this is going to be a good eclipse for us in the UK, it is slap bang on the UK MC. Our status is being eclipsed, possibly by sky high unemployment rates On the other hand it cold be our government, or it could relate to royalty. Saros listed as new south, cannot find interpretation for this so assume same as 13 south above.

  • The eclipse is opposite Nick Clegg's mercury so anything he has to say now will not be held in high regard., if it's heard at all
  • Eclipse may be conjunct Miliband's moon ( no time so no exact moon position) and square his Uranus. Public perception of Miliband cold be changing
Note: In July There are two New Moons, July 1 & July 30 Black Moon, Called variously: Secret Moon, Spinner’s Moon, Finder’s Moon or black moon, this second one of the month is considered especially potent for magical practice.


23 September Libra ingress of Sun.
Libra ingress of sunScorpio rising, Mars, chart ruler in Leo, 9th house. Mars mutually applying to trine Uranus in Aries 5th house. I wonder if this is anything to so with sport given the houses involved. Perhaps some scandal regarding one of our national teams?
Moon just separating from mars, Mars and moon lacking in essential dignities, (Sun always is during Libra ingress)

  • The ingress Moon/Mars conjnction is in-between Cameron's natal Moon Jupiter, with Moon just a few minutes from being exactly on the natal midpoint. Is it possible that Cameron will be announcing news of a pregnancy?
  • The transiting nodal access is across Miliband’s MC/IC - an increase in his status maybe? The only problem is that Mars is squaring his Saturn - he is failing to be decisive.


25 November Solar Partial Eclipse at 2 degrees Sagittarius

November Solar Partial eclipseScorpio rises, Mars in Virgo, 10th house, conjunct MC Mars in Virgo indicates energies focussed on attending to duty and on practical matters. There is an aura of stress and tension about this chart. Will there be some sort of epidemic? The eclipse is square UK Pluto; at the same time Jupiter (eclipse ruler) is square UK Jupiter. Eclipse asc also square UK Venus. Is there something here connected to clergy/religion? Or maybe it's sport; bearing in mind we are on the run up to the 2012 Olympics. Some sort of scandal re this?
Saros series 14 North A most peculiar eclipse family, heralding an acute time of confusion in personal relationships, unexpected happenings in financial matters and possible illness. Unrequited love, despair, confusion, a draining of energy, a peculiar turn of events. No important decisions should be made concerning incoming events, as there is too much confusion and possible delusion to make clear judgements.
  • Eclipse on Tory Venus/Mars - a strong sense of dissatisfaction amongst the Tory party?
  • Eclipse on Lib-dem Saturn, if the coalition still exists then their roles in government are being eclipsed now.
  • Miliband also not fairing well with the eclipse square his asc and eclipse mars opposite his mars.


10th December Total Lunar Eclipse in Gemini
Lunar Eclipse 10 Dec 11Eclipse across 1st/7th Taurus rises in eclipse chart, Venus chart ruler in Capricorn, 9th house
Venus gains added strength via its reception to Saturn. Venus and Saturn are the two most dignified planets in this chart.
Eclipse on UK mercury, at the same time transiting mercury is retrograde - some sort of about-turn?

  • Eclipse on Miliband's MC/IC how is his status being eclipsed?

22 December Capricorn ingress

Capricorn ingress of sunLate degree of Scorpio rising, chart ruler Mars in Virgo, 9th house

Moon conj asc from 12th; Sun square Uranus and trine Jupiter. Are things about to change? Sense of light at the end of a tunnel. Venus (ingress chart ruler) is opposite UK Venus - sign of a party/celebratory mood but also a sign of excess. Maybe by now we have all had enough of tightening our belts and are going all out for a good Christmas and hang the cost.
I've had enough of looking at politician's chats by now - I have nearly a year to do comparisons to the ingress

Added notes (assuming everyone is still with me here)

SIX Eclipses in a year happens every 4.5 years or so. Four of the six 2011 eclipses are Metonic returns of the eclipses of 1992, repeating on the same dates and degrees. The other two repeat the date and degrees of the New Moons! While many eclipses repeat at 19-year intervals, some do not.

1992 events
  • April General election - Tory win (despite us being in a recession caused by the Thatcher government)
  • May Channel tunnel opens
  • September 'Black Wednesday' forces withdrawal of sterling from the ERM
  • Sterling, under strong financial pressure from speculation on the money markets, was pulled out of the European Union's Exchange Rate Mechanism. This was a major blow to the Conservatives' reputation for economic competence, but it relieved pressure on Britain's economy by ensuring that the currency could float independently.
  • Queen's "annus horribilus" speech
  • November Fire at Windsor Castle
  • March Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson divorced
  • April Princess Anne divorced her husband. (remarries Dec)
  • December Charles and Diana separate
  • This was also the year of the Rodney King riots in LA
  • Bosnia and Hercegovina Seceded from Yugoslavia
  • Peace in El Salvador, In February, El Salvador signed peace agreements between the leftist rebels and the rightist government. Open elections followed two years later.
  • Quebec votes to remain part of Canada, Quebec had been campaigning for many years to become independent, but the vote fell short of what was needed for the change to happen.
  • Hurricane Andrew hits Florida, killing 14, it left 250,000 people homeless, and was one of the costliest hurricanes in history.

Other chart data used
UK Union 1801 - Natal Chart 1 Jan 1801 NS, 00:00, LMT +0:00:28 Westminster Eng, 51°N30', 000°W07'
David Cameron - Natal Chart 9 Oct 1966, 06:00, BST -1:00 London United Kingdom, 51°N30', 000°W10' Rodden Rating: A
Nick Clegg - Natal Chart 7 Jan 1967, 05:56, GMT +0:00 Chalfont St Giles United Kingdom, 51°N38', 000°W34' Rodden Rating: A
Ed Miliband - Natal Chart 24 Dec 1969, 12:00, CET -1:00 London United Kingdom, 51°N30', 000°W10' Rodden Rating: X
Conservative Party - Event Chart 12 Nov 1867 NS, 12:00, UT +0:00 London ENG, 51°N30', 000°W10' Rodden Rating: A
Labour Party - Natal Chart 12 Feb 1906, 12:00, UT +0:00 Westminster ENG, 51°N30', 000°W09' Rodden Rating: A
Lib-Dems - Natal Chart 3 Mar 1988, 12:00, GMT +0:00 Westminster ENG, 51°N30', 000°W09' Rodden Rating: A
Queen II, Elizabeth - Natal Chart 21 Apr 1926, 02:40, -1:00 London England, 51°N30', 000°W10'
Prince Phillip - Natal Chart 10 Jun 1921, 21:46, EET -2:00 Corfu > K√©rkira GREECE, 39°N36', 019°E56' Rodden Rating: AA
Margaret Thatcher - Natal Chart 13 Oct 1925, 09:00, +0:00 Grantham England, 52°N55', 000°W39' Rodden Rating: A

**Saros Series quotes from Bernadette Brady’s excellent Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark

One final note- apologies for the erratic line spacing - Blogger randomness at work


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