Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Election: If only.....

How often do you think to yourself I wish I had done that? It's exactly how I feel having failed to go public with some of the predictions I made in January this year. I have witnesses to prove I made the predictions but it is not quite the same is it? What were the predictions? Amongst other things I predicted that an election would be held sometime in May and that there would be no overall majority but there would be a change of government. We all know now that this did happen. That prediction was made on the basis of the Aries Ingress and it's contacts to the UK 1801 chart and the charts of the 3 main party leaders. I also took in the Jupiter/Saturn opposition and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in relation to the charts above.

I also predicted that there would be another election within 12 months. At the time this was a bit of an outrageous comment - now all the political commentators (and some astrologers) are saying the same.  Ah if only I had published! 

So if there is going to be a second election when will it be? Check out the July 11th Solar Eclipse it is slap bang on the UK moon! Not only that but in the 10th house too! This just has to be significant. The following new moon on August 10th squares the July Eclipse Midheaven. So this time I am going public. Expect news about a 2nd election sometime between these two dates.


Anonymous said...

Fab! Well I witnessed your prediction. And very accurate it was, way back in January! I hope in some ways that there will be a second election but am not hopeful of any better outcome. But who knows. I once saw a flying pig, although I think I'd been on the sauce at the time. It was probably asking me "dont you 'ave no 'ome to go to, move along now"
Love PP xxx

sas said...

Thanks for bearing witness PP I've not looked in to any outcome yet in case it involves flying pigs ;)