Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Boy in a Balloon - Real or Hoax?

balloonOn Thursday 15th October we were all transfixed by the boy in the balloon saga. A home made aircraft, variously described as a 'flying saucer' or a 'hot air balloon', had been accidentally released.

It was feared a 6 year old boy was inside as he had reportedly been seen climbing inside by his older brother. The boys home was searched, failing to find any sign of the six year old lad.

The balloon was tracked live on air as most of us held our breaths in horror at the unfolding saga. Some two and a half hours later the craft lands. There is no sign of the boy, it is feared he has fallen out somewhere. A land and air search is called. At 4:05 pm we all breathe a sigh of relief as it is announced that the boy had been found hiding in his attic at home.

During the saga it is discovered that the boy's parents have appeared on the US show Wife Swap where they have been described as 'mad scientists' The father is particularly interested in 'storm chasing' and is one of a team of people who call themselves 'science detectives'.

The question on everyone's lips now is, was it a hoax? Can astrology answer that question? Let's take a look at the chart. (note that this is a Gemini look at the chart, it's a cursory glance and not in-depth)

The event kicked off on a Jupiter day and in a Mercury hour (which seems to suit an event involving an air balloon nicely) at 11:01 (MDT +6:00 ) on Thursday 15th October near Fort Collins Colorado, 40°N35'07'', 105°W05'02''

event chart

The chart has 6 degrees and 41 minutes of Sagittarius rising, very close to the degree degree of flight (5sag04 this was the MC of the Kitty Hawk Flight).

I would assign the boy to Mercury, it is the ruler of youth and childhood and also, in this chart, ruler of the 7th of other people. Mercury is separating from the conjunction of Venus. As far as the world is concerned the lad is moving through the air and away from security and safety. Note however that if we turn the chart then the boy is in his 4th house - i.e. he is at home. But the world do not know this at the time, our eyes are firmly focussed on the 10th house of the event which has Moon and Saturn either side of the cusp.

The public(Moon) are fearful (Saturn) for the health (Virgo) of this young lad.

So the chart describes the event quite nicely, but was it a hoax?

The parents of the boy had previously appeared on the US show Wife Swap. It's been rumoured that they are media hungry. In the event chart we see Jupiter in the media related 3rd house, approaching a conjunction with illusory and deceiving Neptune. Should it come as no surprise to us that the boy's parents first notified the FAA, then the media before they dialed 911?
I'll leave you to make your own minds up....


Penne said...

Great blog, backing up a very odd story. Why a family would want to worry everyone for 5 minutes of fame is beyond me ...

sas said...

Thanks for your comment Penne. It is an odd story. The latests is that the boys parents are to face charges. It's a sad indictment on today's society when people go to such extremes for their 5 minutes of fame.

Kitty said...

The fact that the boy is named 'Falcon' was the ultimate irony, don't you think?

Good to see you blogging again Sas. xx

Mrs Jelly said...

Hi Sas!
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
My two online "worlds" collide!

Mrs Jelly said...

Oh, and re. the boy in the balloon.
The absolute *last* person you tell a secret to is a 6-year old boy!

sas said...

Thanks for dropping by Mrs J I'm afraid I'm all over the internet so we were bound to meet in more than one place ;)

sas said...

Kitty, I hadn't spotted the Falcon irony, well picked out :)