Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MP's Expenses Row - An Astrological Comment

The UK chart which will be used for the following astrological analysis is that of 12th April 1927 when the current Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland came in to being.1

UK 1927

None of us could have missed the current scandal in the UK of MPs expenses. The reputation of Westminster has been badly tarnished with current confidence in Mps at an all time low. The history of how these expenses came to be exposed goes back to 4th January 2005 when a journalist made a freedom-of-information request for MPs' full Additional Costs Allowances. On that day transiting Mars, ruler of the 11th house of parliament, was conjunct Saturn and a Mercury/Pluto conjunction squared the UK Mercury. The request was rejected and there followed a long battle between the Journalists and the House of Commons authorities which was lost on the 16th May 2008 as transiting Neptune squared Venus, ruling planet of the Government. Mercury went retrograde on May 7th 2009, on May the 8th, as transiting Jupiter opposed the UK Moon/Neptune conjunction, the current hullabaloo began with the Telegraph publishing the first in a series of articles that exposed some of the expenses claimed by MPs.

Dual wheels

The astrological precursors of this moment can be found in the Aries Ingress, where we see that the Ingress MC and Uranus are conjunct Mercury whilst Ingress Mercury is conjunct Jupiter, at the same time Ingress Uranus is conjunct, aptly symbolising journalists (Mercury) making an exposure (Jupiter,) and the ensuing disruption/furore (Uranus).

Aries Ingress

The Solar eclipse of January 26th is also an eye opener given that the eclipse Midheaven fell on the UK's 1927 Saturn/ascendant conjunction. The progressed chart for 8th May 2009 also tells its own story with a progressed moon conjunct progressed Venus and Neptune, all within minutes of each other and less than a degree past the UK natal moon. This aptly shows the public being disenchanted with their current government.

Aries Ingress

The row is still rumbling on, with Michael Martin being the first speaker in 300 years to be forced out of office. He announced at 2:30 pm on the 19th May, as transiting Saturn exactly squared his natal Uranus that he would be standing down on 21st June 2009.2

Michael Martin

Should Gordon Brown be worried about his position too? Yes! The Lunar eclipse of the 7th July will square his Ascendant, followed soon after by progressed moon conjunct natal Saturn. Watch this space....

Gordon Brown

2 Michael Martin, 3 Jul 1945, 14:40, BDST -2:00, Glasgow United Kingdom, 55°N53', 004°W15' Source: The House of Commons 1992-1997 Caroline Gerard


Anonymous said...

Excellent entry. Glad to see your prediction for Gorgonzola Brown. Surely the buck stops firmly at his feet, and astrologically it looks like it may come to pass!


Kitty said...

Really interesting post hun - full credit to you for the amazing amount of research you must have done. I've been gobsmacked, every evening, listening to the day's news about all the latest scandal on this matter.

Expenses for having one's moat cleaned? How can someone who claims for that expect his constituents to be able to relate to him? :-O


sas said...

@ Snozz
Thanks for your comments Snozz, it will be interesting to see if anything happens around July time.

@ Kitty
Thanks for your comments too Kitty. I actually enjoyed looking at all the charts relating to this issue.

PoshGamer said...

I agree with Kitty - great post. Has there been any update with it all since you posted it?

sas said...

Thanks for your comment PoshGamer, I thought I would wait to see what July brings before I do a follow up