Thursday, December 31, 2009

Your Stars 2010

Horrible title isn't it, but hey I had to get your attention. In all my years as an astrologer I've never turned my hand to sun sign forecasting. But you know us Geminis, we will try anything once. I've no idea of the usual method of sun sign predictions so I did the Gemini thing and invented my own method. I guess time, the year and your feedback will show whether the method works.

The focus for Capricorns will be on relationships. It's time to review and rethink emotional attachments. If any seem to be going nowhere then it's time to move on. Friends are going to play an important part in relationships; indeed a new relationship may emerge from friendship. It's not going to be an easy year for Capricorns and any stresses could take a toll on your health. Home and family are going to be your rock through any difficult times.

Aquarians will be inspired to take a chance this year, you are open to new experience and will want to grow into a greater sense of self. Now is a great time to take a look at your surroundings and improve, expand or change your home, especially as you will be full of creative ideas, some of them surprisingly different and innovative. There could also be changes of locality and/or unexpected events linked family members.

You are, as usual, full of inspired ides, but in order for these to come to fruition you will have to concentrate on working out the details and focussing on what the can do rather than what you think you might possibly do. This year you may have to get out of your comfort zone and come down to earth in order to deal with the nitty gritty of everyday reality. Luckily others will be on hand to offer support and encouragement.

As an Aries you are usually are full of energy and prefer to go it alone. However this year you will need to negotiate and work with others in order to fulfill your aims. This is the year when you want to probe into things in a little more depth than usual so you may find yourself focussing your attention on philosophy or higher education in order to gain broad overview of where you want to be going.

Personal security and finances are as ever a focus for Taureans, but you now want to indulge in a few more of life’s pleasures. This year you intend to enjoy life and will do so come what may. You will also be motivated by new creative projects. If you have children there could be tensions but not enough to upset the comfort of home and family.

This year you will be seeking changes in finances and security but in order to do so you will need to balance your usual flexibility with a good helping of stability. Benefits will come via the exchange of creative and innovative ideas. So talk about what interests you and express yourself creatively this year. But don’t forget to work on the details, without these nothing will be completed or achieved.

It’s likely there will be a change in your values this year. You will have a strong need to achieve some personal goals and visions. To this end you are full of inventive ideas and innovative methods to increase your prospects, be they personal aims or more career orientated. Diplomacy and communication will be the way forward for you.

The desire for freedom and adventure this year is offset by responsibilities. Your work and services will be much in demand this year you could make some important strides forward. But do watch out for any undue pressures and demands from others as these could have a negative effect on your health. It’s important you allow your self some time for freedom and for play. There may be unexpected news regarding children and/or a creative endeavour.

This is your year Virgo. You don’t usually like to come out from behind the scenes and shine but this year your talents will be to the forefront. Autonomy and doing things in your own unique way will be important to you. With an above-average ability to express yourself you will find that others are going to listen to and appreciate your innovative ideas and methods of getting things done. Enjoy the spotlight!

The focus for Libra will be on hard work in order to get things done. Your mind will be very focused and discriminating as you work hard to ensure your personal security and establish your sense of self worth. Partnerships will provide inspiration, emotional warmth and maybe a little bit of new or rediscovered romance.

The focus for Scorpios is on fundamental change especially in career or status. It's here you can attain power and status through positions of authority and professionalism, providing you are willing to put the effort in. Friends and like-minded people will be on hand to help you attain your desires. Taking time out for pleasurable or sensual activities will renew your emotional resources.

Your hard working efforts will pay off in establishing yourself in your career and improving status this year. You will need to make an effort to gather your scattered thoughts and focus, but once you do so you will discover a good grasp of the details needed to advance your ideas. On the whole you are happy to take a back seat and just get on with what needs to be done this year.

Note: I can't recall where I found these lovely zodiac images. If they are yours please let me know so that I can credit you.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Am an aquarian (as you know! :p ) and everything you predict is in my plans for 2010! Fantastic! Will get back to you in a year's time and let you know ... :D xxxxx

Rosie Reviews said...

Hey Sas,
Well I am joining you on the gemini front! Sounds like I need to continue onward and upward with my photographic exploits!!

Happy New Year Hun!

Kitty said...

I think sun-sign astrology is usually 'done' by placing the Sun sign in the first house and seeing which houses then see the year's major planetary action. Thus I tend to advise reading the rising sign 'forecast' as well as any sun sign forecast.

Interesting to see what next year brings - my sun sign forecast here is much better than my rising sign one. I'd be interested to know how you came to your conclusions.

Happy New Year. xxx

Theresa said...

I'm going by My rising sign Virgo, It's My year !!!!
Thanks Sas x

sas said...

Thanks for your comments folks, nice to have my experimental foray into sunsign astrology received so well. xxx
Kitty I'll email you re the mthod I used

Kitty said...

Did you email, hun? If so, I didn't get it! xx

sas said...

I hadn't Kitty but I have now ;)