Monday, March 23, 2009

Who is Zezi Ifore?

Who is Zezi Ifore? It's a question I've found myself asking since her disastrous appearance as a presenter of the Program Big Brother's Little Brother, or BBLB as the program is known to its fans.

aries All we know astrologically of Zezi is that she is an Aries born in 1985.  Knowing this we can see that along with the Sun, she also has Mercury and Venus in Aries.  As with all people with an Aries emphasis Zezi flirts briefly with various enterprises, including being a DJ, editing a magazine, and my goodness, the girl even managed a year at Oxford University!

Her most disastrous flirtation seems to have been the BBLB presenter.  Poor Zezi may have been young, hip and with it, but she could not present a live program competently.  Most people only watched to see her stumble from mistake to mistake.  Her most notorious error was oversleeping (Mars in Taurus, not the most energetic of placements) and missing a show completely!  Eventually Zezi was dropped from the show for unexplained reasons.

If you want to know just how bad Zezi was all you need do is Google her name to find out how many websites mention how dreadful a presenter she was.

One such website is DigitalSpy's Big Brother forums.  As is normal with such forums her presenting drew comments.  One thread started by Stentionhouse quickly had people posting and agreeing that indeed there had never been such a dreadful presenter.  Soon there were a hard core of posters who became cyber chums, and yes I was one of them.

We had nothing against Zezi as a person, indeed if anyone posted a personal comment on the girl they were soon taken to task.  No, it was Zezi’s inability to present a live program that we discussed and commented on, not the girl as an individual.

So has Zezi learned from her mistakes? It seems not, in fact it looks as if she grasped her mistake as well as she has grasped the English language.

Zezi’s response was to Blog about the thread at Digital Spy and in so doing call the poster who started the thread a very rude word indeed, she then goes on to accuse him of all manner of things.  (Oh dear, such is the impulsiveness of Mercury in Aries)

So in response to you Zezi…
  • Stentionhouse was not banned from DigitalSpy, he chose to leave.
  • He has indeed got a home.
  • He is not unemployed as you seem to think, in fact he is very good at what he does and is unlikely to get the sack for incompetence such as some people I could think of.
So come on Zezi, get a grip, control your vitriol, admit that you failed as a live presenter, and get on and do something useful with your life.


Snozz said...

Oh well said! Let's face it, if you're going to start mud slinging, get your facts right. I think we all know who will be famous longer, earn more money and have a better life due to natural talent.

No, not Miss Ifore, sadly. Well unless she learns a little respect, dignity and is able to chanel her own unique talents (whatever they might be!)in the right direction.

sas said...

Thanks Snozz, I did leave a comment on Miss Ifore's Blog but it is unlikely to be approved methinks. So I thought I would make a public response.

Anonymous said...

I knew Zezi's timing was off, but she's about 9 months too late with her snipe at me. LOL

sas said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Stentionhouse. I agree, a sense of timing is something else Zezi has failed to learn.

Kitty said...

In my experience, those with difficult Jupiter/Saturn aspects or contacts find it difficult to recognise the right time to do things. In 1985 Jupiter and Saturn weren't in exact aspect, but they were in squared signs.

I'd have thought Ms Ifore would have been too busy to be reading forums ... but maybe not, eh? ;-)


sas said...

There was also a Jupiter Conjunct Neptune aspect Kitty, indicating that Miss Ifore not only lacks a sense of boundaries, she lacks a sense of reality too.

Anonymous said...

I've not earnt a penny from my trademarked "Flaming Zezi's" since she left, the cow!
No, I'm sure she is a lovely person, I stayed away from having a go at her personally, as many of us did, didn't stop her from being useless though.
Sten is a folk hero!

sas said...

She is not very gracious in defeat is she Soul ;)