Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scattered Thoughts

Every time I think of something interesting I think to myself, “I should Blog about that” but being a Gemini the thought just drifts away as I get distracted by other things. So this post is an attempt to go running after all those loose thoughts that have drifted out of my mind recently.

I’ll start by blogging about blogging, or rather blog posts and articles. As some of you may have noticed I write an occasional news item for the Astrological Association, which also appears here. Now the AA have their own blog I expect that is where future articles will appear. Now you wouldn’t want to read the same thing 3 times would you? So I have now to decide where my future astrological ramblings about news items will appear. I expect that like my thoughts, they will be scattered all over the place.

Jupiter the bringer of abundance and plenty brought me a couple of unexpected gifts as it approached the transit to my moon. First I was notified that I had won an Apple Shuffle MP3 player. I had contributed feedback to an in-house magazine published by my employer and lo and behold my entry was considered the winning one. Then, just as excitingly my friend Kitty of Kitty's Bloggy Bits awarded me this Blog Award.

Isn’t it just beautiful? Now I like to be able to share my good fortune so in return I am awarding this exclusive award (exclusive in that it was made by me during one of those Gemini distracted sessions) to Kitty for her continued support of my Blog. Kitty this is for you to keep and/or to share as you wish.

Progressed Moon. Yes it has finally moved out of my 12th house, but not before it played more havoc in my life. Just as the Moon was in reach of my Ascendant by 1 degree I finally decided that I was no longer going to stand idly by and stand for more unfounded accusations and criticisms. So I put an official complaint in about harassment from a work colleague. I won’t go in to details but I didn’t like doing it and it made me feel ill having to follow it through, but follow through I did. The resulting meetings weren’t pleasant but the situation has finally improved.

Finally, on a completely random note: Sex Sells, or it would do if people didn’t complain. The BBC published this story today:

'Sex' ad gives rise to complaints
Hundreds of complaints over billboard adverts featuring the word "sex" in giant lettering have been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Today, Mars (Red, Sex) and Jupiter (Big) were conjunct at 10 degrees Aquarius and sextile a poorly placed Venus (commerce) at 10 degrees Aries. Isn’t astrology just wonderful!


Kitty said...

Yes, astrology is wonderful, and so are you. Thank you for my beautiful exclusive award, and for being my friend through bad times and even more bad times! I hope you'll see some good ones (from me) eventually!

You should maybe keep a little notebook in your bag or at home to write down the 'ideas' for your blog posts, or things you want to mention here?

I look forward to reading the AA blog.

Take care hun. xxx

sas said...

Thanks for the notebook tip Kitty. And you are very welcome to the award, maybe eventually all the good coming your way will be enough to overcome the bad times.
I forgot to add the link for the AA Blog, though I have corrected that error now. :)
You take care too xx

Anonymous said...

Just passing through and keeping up with the blog. Keep up the good work.
Love Snozz xxxxx