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Jimmy Savile - The Astrology Pt 4 Savile, The BBC and The UK

Because there are so many charts to look at there are four Blog Entries to this story
The Astrology Pt 1 Natal Chart
The Astrology Pt 2 Savile and His Parents
The Astrology Pt 3 Death & Exposure
The Astrology Pt 4 Savile, The BBC and The UK 

Savile and the BBC (BBC 1st January 1927 0:00 GMT +0:00  London, 51°N30', 000°W10'London)

 So what of Savile's relationship with the BBC? There have been many accusations of late that what Savile did was well known and of cover ups at the BBC. Savile was just 3 months old when the BBC began so in comparing his chart with that of the BBC the outer planets will be very close. With this in mind we have to decide what weight do we give the Pluto/Node conjunctions. On it's own, I would say not a lot because the odds are they will be close anyway. But far shorter odds can be given to the BBC Sun opp Savile’s Pluto/Node and to that Pluto Node being on the BBC's Midheaven. What better signature could we have of Savile hiding (Pluto) what he was doing in plain sight? (Sun & MC)

Also note the BBC Moon/Saturn conjunction, it’s not far from Savile’s mercury/Saturn but is also on the earlier suggested possible rising degree of 3 or 4 sag.

For those interested in current Transits for the BBC, Uranus is currently just 1 degree from the descendant and Pluto is conjunct the South Node. The BBC's secrets are now being exposed causing much furore and disruption.

Saville and The UK

First of all which UK chart to use? – 1801 tends to show current political trends, whilst anything that affects the country at a deeper level such as wars etc then the 1066 chart is used. (UK 1801 -  1 Jan 1801 00:00, LMT +0:00 UK 1066 -  25 Dec 1066, 12:00, LMT +0:00:40)

Well in this case you can take your pick!

There are an amazing amount of contacts between the 1801 chart and Savile, considering he was considered a national treasure at one time this is not surprising. We have Mars conjunct Mars, Savile's Jupiter conjunct UK Venus,  Savile's Moon trine UK sun. Do these aspects signify we were all (moon) complicit in giving Savile the opportunities (Jupiter) to procure(Mars) young children (Venus) for his pleasure?

Also of note; Sun (as with the BBC) on his South Node opposite the North Node/Pluto conjunction, and UK Uranus trine Savile's Saturn/Mercury.

Note the that again we UK 1066 sun opposite Savile’s Node/Pluto, this sitting across the UK 1066 MC/IC Axis. These ongoing revelations about Savile are going to shake the country and the establishment to the core. Currently Pluto is just 2 degrees from the 1066 sun, so is there about to be a massive cover up or will the whole edifice come tumbling down to make way for fundamental change??

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