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Jimmy Savile - The Astrology Pt 1 Natal Chart

Being an astrologer one of the first things I wanted to do when the news about Jimmy Savile being a paedophile and a serial sex abuser was to look at his chart. As I worked on this the story grew and now Savile has been said to be one of the worst sexual abusers in history. What follows is my astrological take on Savile.

Because there are so many charts to look at there are four Blog Entries to this story
The Astrology Pt 1 Natal Chart
The Astrology Pt 2 Savile and His Parents
The Astrology Pt 3 Death & Exposure
The Astrology Pt 4 Savile, The BBC and The UK 

Savile Natal Chart

Jimmy Savile Noon Chart - Sun on Asc
31 Oct 1926, 12:00, GMT +0:00 Leeds UK 53°N50', 001°W3
There’s no doubt he was eccentric, Saturn is in an almost exact trine to Uranus. Here is someone who finds it easy to rebel (Uranus) against the establishment (Saturn) This same aspect could account for all his different roles in life, Miner, Wrestler, Dance Hall manager, DJ, fundraiser….

Note the list of some of his roles on his gravestone, at the top is philanthropist. Philanthropy is an attribute we associate with Jupiter. (Makes me wonder if he has Sagittarius rising as this would suit the larger than life character) the only aspect Jupiter makes is a square to sun co-ruler Mars. Mars and Jupiter in a square aspect generate abundant physical and mental energy and a desire to achieve great things but… is the motive based on a philosophical ideal or self-glorification?Obviously with Savile it was the latter

However this aspect will never perfect so to all intents and purposes that Jupiter could be said to be unaspected. Interestingly though there is a Mars Jupiter antiscia contact, showing a hidden side to his philanthropy. We now know that there certainly was a hidden side in that he used his charitable work as a cover for his abuse (He also has a wide Venus Neptune antiscia contact, a veil of illusion over his love life)

The combination of Sun Scorpio and Virgo moon certainly shows someone who gives little of his personal self away. Just watch any interview (in particular When Louis met Jimmy) to see how he avoids and side steps questions about his personal life.

What about his strange staccato way of speaking – look no further that that Saturn Mercury conjunction. Mercury in Sag is voluble but that Saturn literally puts a (full) stop between his words. This conjunction shows up again and again and again in my research so is obviously an important part of his chart (perhaps confirmation of a Sag asc?)

The Saturn Mercury conjuntion is square Neptune – to me this shows that the man carefully crafted his own mythology. It also shows someone who will prevaricate rather than tell the truth. In fact it seems that to me that Savile was an out and out liar.

The following section was updated 2/Nov/12

For instance he has always said that he that there was mining accident (described as an "explosion") which damaged his spine, he has said he was on crutches and in a metal corset for 3 years and as a result he could never work in the mines again.  I've searched this database for evidence of said accident but can find nothing in the correct time frame! So if there was an explosion it seems it was by no means a major accident. Variously he has been reported as starting work in the mines at 14, saying he was a miner for 7 and a half years and also claiming to have been a Bevin boy. Putting these clues together along with some astrology here's my theory:

The school leaving age was 15 in 1940, though in cases of hardship children could be given permission to leave at age 14. I've no proof but I think Savile probably left school in 1941. July would have been the end of the school year and as he was only a few months from his 15th birthday permission was probably granted, especially in light of the war. (At the time he had a transiting Saturn (ruler of mining) opposition which was squaring natal Neptune, also transiting South node was on Uranus)

By 1944 he would have been approaching his 18th birthday and awaiting a call from the draft board. From what he have learned about Savile I doubt this is something he would have looked forward to. Bevin boys weren't only drafted, there were volunteers too, so I suggest that at this time Savile volunteered to stay on in the mines (only later were such volunteers called Bevin boys,) maybe thinking better the devil he knew.... just a couple of months before his 18th birthday transiting Saturn was conjunct the North node....

So when was the accident? I would suggest some time in 1945. Between Dec 1944 and August 1945 Jupiter squared Uranus 3 times, I think this is the relevant time frame. He has said of the accident it was "a silver lining." During this same period there was a nodal return, transiting North node then went on to conjunct Pluto, meanwhile transiting Saturn was conjunct natal North  node. Savile has also said that the injury wasn't apparant at the time, it "gradually" got worse. My theory is that there was a minor accident which Savile took full advantage off. In the 40's it was very hard to disprove a bad back. So he went on the sick for the next 3 years, during which time he would still be classed as a miner of course.

This takes us to 1948 and covers the 7 and a half years previously mentioned. It should come as no surprise that Savile threw away his crutches after those 3 years. 1948 was when the Bevin Boy scheme ended!

Neptune is in the Solar 10th Saturn/Mercury squaring this Neptune shows the wall of silence which he managed to hide behind in plain site. The internet is now full of examples of things Savile said that alluded to his abuse but which were at the time put down to his showmanship/eccentricity/publicity seeking personality.

What also jumped out at me in this chart is the north node conjunction to Pluto especially as Pluto ia the co-ruler of his sun. I don’t hold to the karmic interpretations of the nodal axis. Personally I always associate nodes with family issues I also see them as an axis of tension and compulsion with links to the past and future.

Pluto conjunct the north node could imply parental control issues and/or a dark family secret being carried to the future. Savile’s relationship with his mother (whom he called The Duchess) immediately sprang to mind when I saw this aspect.

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Frank Jackson said...

Details of the St John ambulance paedophiles and their paedophile protection network which stretches all the way to St John International head office in London, are here:

Dave, USA said...

Karma, nodes,aspects between slow-moving, major planets: not good. Mercury square Neptune is indicative of an inherent need to deceive, dissemble, create an illusion. Two examples: folk poet Bob Dylan, once called " the master of misdirection" and...Barack Hussein Obama (Sun/Mercury, if you believe his birth data). This is the most important political leader on Earth and will not release college records, an act which would get you or I thrown out the door if applying for a minimum wage job. I got more, but that's all for now. "Nodes" are not planets or constellations. How 'bout some stuff about "Arabic Parts", etc.?

sas said...

thanks for your comment Dave, I'm aware that Nodes aren't planets. I'll leave any further work re Arabic Parts to any reader who alights here.