Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who In Their Right Mind - more on Mercury retrograde

Left Brain v Right Brain Test

This left Brain v Right brain test asks you to test your perceptions on whether the figure is moving clockwise or anticlockwise. Clockwise, it seems is right brained and of course anti-clockwise is left-brained.

As a generalisation if you have Mercury in the fire or air signs then you would be more inclined to be a lefter, whereas with Mercury in water or earth signs you would be more likely to be right-brained.

With Mercury in Gemini I am usually left brained, i.e. my perceptions rely on logic facts and details. So I should see the figure moving anti-clockwise right? Wrong! Today I am seeing it move clockwise, so today I am right-brained i.e. I am perceiving things through feelings and imagination.

Is this the result of Mercury retrograde I wonder?

If you know already whether you are usually left or right minded I would be interested to know if the test shows up the result you expect.

PS in true Mercury retrograde fashion there is a problem uploading images - so I can't sign off in my usual emoticon style


Viviene said...

I am a Gemini with Mercury in Gemini too - and for me the dancer is definitely going clockwise. I can't see anyway you could perceive it as going the other way. Admittedly, I do have Mercury in a close trine to Neptune, and sextile my Moon/Pluto conjunct! Fascinating.

sas said...

Thanks for your comment Vivienne. Nice to meet a fellow Gemini, sounds as if you are an astrologer as well :)
I too have Neptune trine Mercury. I found that if I concentrated then she did dance anti-clockwise, but soon turned back. I'm going to do the test again when Mercury is direct to see if it's still the same

Kitty said...

Well I am a natal Mercury in Taurus, and left-handed too, so you'd expect me to see her moving clockwise, right? Wrong! For me she only moves anti-clockwise???
Nice post Sas. x

sas said...

Thanks Kitty, can I ask you to retake the test when Mercury is direct again? I'm interested to see if it differs according to the direction of Mercury

Kitty said...

:-O She's moving clockwise now! Wow! That's so bizarre. How fascinating.

Take care :-) x

Glo said...

Clockwise Sas,(Mercury in Capricorn) wish I'd seen your blog before today.

sas said...

@ Kitty, still clockwise for me - but I put that down to being ultra stressed right now

@ Gle
thansk for the commetn Glo, I'm still new to Blogging and didn't think to share it with my JR friends, sorry

sas said...

did I say Gle? I meant Glo of course *blush*

sasha_nc said...

I have Mercury in Scorpio (3rd house), am left-handed, and saw the dancer moving clockwise. I have trained myself to write with my right hand but it is slow and not always pretty.

sas said...

Hi Sasha I've just noticed something strange about the test, if I look at it face on she is going clockwise, yet if I turn my screen at a slight angle and look sidways at her she then moves anti-clockwise.

sasha_nc said...

Now that Mercury is retrograde, I thought I would do it again. At first, she was still going clockwise, then she went counter-clockwise, and then clockwise again. My natal Mercury is direct.

Since yesterday, everytime I have thought about someone, they have called me. Two friends called last night. This morning as I was getting ready to hit the send button on an email to a business contact, she called.

sas said...

Hi Sasha
As Mercury began this current retro in Libra it seems fitting that it is refelcting through other people