Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rethinking Mercury

hermes Mercury retrograde is a frustrating time for all forms of communication; mail, deliveries, phone systems and computer network to name a just a few. Short journeys are not immune either. Some astrologers issue dire warnings about signing contracts and making decisions during this time. But in astrology, as in all things, there are ways to make difficult periods work for you. So how do we make the best of Mercury Retrograde?

Life doesn’t come to a halt during this period (even if sometimes it feels as if it has!) You may need to renegotiate, revise or reverse a previous decision or communication. If so then you will need to take time out to reflect. In fact taking time out to reflect and refocus is a good way to use this time positively. Do you see the connection with Retrograde? This is a time when you get to rethink any decisions, refocus your minds, and re-consider or revise things you thought were taken care of. Do re-look at previous plans and communications, especially make sure you haven’t forgotten a previously made appointment and that you have double check any travel plans.

If you are an astrologer then maybe if you do have to start or sign anything during this period you could elect a time to do so (for non astrologers electional astrology is where astrologers choose the best astrological time to start a project.) For instance, I registered this Blog when Jupiter, (planet of luck, and opportunity,) was conjunct the Midheaven (point of status). But it was in the shadow period so it was a while before it became public; when it did I used various traditional astrological techniques to make the most of dire planetary placements, ensuring the chart ruler and the moon were both in the exaltation of Jupiter. But as this was done in the shadow period I am still reflecting on whether to stay with Blogger or move to something different.

The general affect of Mercury depends upon the signs where it will show its retrograde motion, whilst the personal affect will depend on the house it is travelling through in your own chart. The current passage of mercury retrograde is through Scorpio and back into Libra.

(This is where you find out that a Gemini will not bother doing something if someone else has done it better, for an excellent explanation of the effects of the current retrograde period through Scorpio, take look at the Blog of Neil D Paris: New World Astrology)

One thing to note is that when Mercury begins and ends it retrograde period it ‘stations’ that is, it appears to stand still in the sky. Often this is the peak intensity for things going awry. However this time as Mercury gets ready to go direct it will station at 23 degrees Libra, this is the position of Spica, one of the luckiest Fixed Stars in the skies. In the book Fixed Stars by Vivien E Robson it is noted that: “According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Venus and Mars; and, to Alvidas, of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. It gives success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness and injustice to innocence” So I can’t help but feel that something good is going to come out of this particular retrograde period, and that the closing shadow will be a harmonious time, especially for any previous contractual negotiations and for partnerships of all kinds.
Me hoping for a positive outcome Me hoping for a positive outcome


Kitty said...

Nice article on retrograde Mercury there Sas. Hmmm, I might take advantage of that conjunction to Spica - I am mulling over 'stuff' as we speak, and perhaps that'll be the perfect time to convey my conclusions?
Take care :-) x

sas said...

Hi Kitty, thanks for your comment. I've already earmarked November 1st-2nd to do certain things ;) I'm not sure if they will be beneficial, I'm using it as an astrological experiment, so watch this space
sas xx

Neil D Paris said...

Thanks for the link! As per Mercury Retrograde, you mentioned me as Daniel D Paris when it's 'Neil' D. Perfect example of our infamous Mer Retro cycles. Great blog and honor to be linked to. Much Love, Neil

sas said...

Oh my goodness *blush* I'm very sorry Neil, I'll correct that straight away. Thanks for your kind comments.
sas xxx

Kitty said...

I reckon it was Mercury being retrograde that made you get Neil's name wrong ;-) :-p

sas said...

typical example Kitty ;)