Sunday, September 14, 2014

Book Review - Binary Stars by Karon Meakin

Binary Stars cover
Ever wondered what it is astrologically that makes a marriage (or partnership) long lasting whilst others fall by the wayside? Well so did Karon, so to this end she set about researching several hundred charts of couples, both happily married and divorced. The first volume of her results looks to the position of Juno and Jupiter, in natal and in wedding charts. As Karon herself says of these two planets:

"Jupiter and Juno offer a wonderful early model of getting it wrong; between them they symbolise the two extremes of giving up everything and surrendering  nothing for the partnership."

In this first volume Karon gives example charts of some well known relationships along with insightful commentary based on her studies. She looks at Jupiter and Jupiter ruler in both natal and wedding charts, as well as Juno's position in wedding charts.

This is a book with clearly presented and insightful information. It's one that you can read from cover to cover or just dip in and out of, maybe just to read those sections you feel are relevant to you.

Read this book if you are in any kind of partnership, whether you are contented or not. Use it as a guideline as to how to avoid pitfalls in current or future relationships, read it as a good example of an astrology text book, whatever the reason, read it!

You can read more about, (or buy,) Karon's book on her website.

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