Monday, March 19, 2012

Save Our NHS - the fight isn't over yet

Yes I know I wrote a similar post on my photography blog but I wanted to highlight an email I sent to my local MP Mr David Ruffley. I sent the email via the take Action website

Dear Mr Ruffley

On BBC 2s Newsnight on the 4th of April 2011, you said when talking about the forthcoming NHS Bill "I am concerned that good traditional District General Hospitals, like the West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds, should not be undermined by private firms undercutting them by offering cheaper operations" I agreed with your concern then especially as the Bill did not feature in either governing party manifesto, or in the Coalition Agreement.

In fact, the Prime Minister himself promised the NHS was safe in his hands before the election, saying categorically there would be no “top down reorganisation of the NHS”. But now that's all changed and I note that you yourself have voted in favour of the bill.

Can you tell me why the vast majority of health experts have being blatantly ignored during the consultation and why this bill is going ahead without the traditional risk register being published? I am concerned that the minor amendments accepted so far have done nothing to alter the nature of the Bill, which as far as I can see will only damage the quality of healthcare for ordinary people around the UK.

Is there any possibility of asking you to reconsider your final vote in light of your earlier concerns and the concerns that have come to light since?

For those of you looking for astrological content, tonight the bill was passed in the House of Lords. Mercury is retrograde, decisions taken then are often reversed. The sun is heading towards the last degree of Pisces and the moon is heading towards the last degree of Aquarius, both signify change. These indicators  give me hope that if this bill does pass in to law then it will be reversed at some point in the future Labour it's over to you!

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