Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Imprisoned in the 12th

prison Many years ago when I was first learning astrology I was given a piece of advice I’ve never forgotten. It was “If you want to know how something works in a chart, ask someone who has it in their chart.” With this in mind I’m going to share my experiences of progressed moon in the 12th house hoping it will help you understand it.

Deborah Houlding has methodically researched the traditional meaning of the houses and of the 12th she says
“associated with sad events, sorrow, anguish of mind, tribulation, captivity, imprisonment, persecution, hard labour, all manner of affliction and self-undoing.”
Plus “Its significations include secret, unknown enemies, such men as maliciously undermine their neighbours or inform secretly against them: traitors, spies; witchcraft, malicious hauntings; weakness, infirmity and bondage.”
quoted from "The Houses: Temples of the Sky" by Deborah Houlding

So maybe this is not a good place for my progressed moon to be? Let’s look at this in more depth to see how the symbolism has worked itself out.

Firstly the day the moon hit my 12th house cusp I had an unfortunate event (Sorry folks, I won’t go into details.) The event meant that I had to stay confined to my house for a few days.

Since then I have faced the incidents mentioned previously here indicating enemies, maliciousness and gossip behind my back. Oh and I have upset a practising witch recently!

And is it my self-undoing? Well yes because I have the following afflictions; I trust people until I find out otherwise, I speak before I think and a I have a weird sense of humour that not everyone understands.

So what of the imprisonment? The 12th house can make you feel very isolated – even amongst friends or a large group of people. I find myself wanting to retreat all the time, or staying in areas where I feel ‘safe’. People who know me will know that I am addicted to forums, there are some great communities amongst forums, many that I have posted in. But unless it’s the safety of my own forum I find that since the moon progressed into my 12th I feel a bit of an outsider and uncomfortable joining in. Such things never used to worry me.

So is it all doom and gloom? No because I’ve also been busy working away behind the scenes on a couple of websites. There is a certain satisfaction in gradually being able to improve said sites. Plus I’m of the belief that amongst the hidden things of 12th house are hidden talents. I have discovered recently for instance that I can make promotional movies. Look here for my first attempt, produced and uploaded just 2 days after I had discovered the program hiding away on my laptop.

Who knows what other talents I may find, I just hope it’s nothing to do with cattle (which also come under 12th house rulership). I haven’t found a cow in the garden yet....



Kitty said...

Hello Lovely. Are you finding it more difficult to sleep as well? I've always found folks with a 12th house Moon are prone to sleep disruption (probably due to all the emotional 'stuff' going on inside them - some of which isn't fully conscious, of course - 12th house!)

Well done on the promotional video thing - that's impressive.

I didn't know about cows and the 12th house, so I learned something - thanks for that!

Take care. xx

sas said...

Thanks for the coment Kitty. I'm not finding it difficult to sleep, but I am finding I need less sleep than I did. Hadn't thought about the sleep isuue so that's both of us who have learned something :)
Glad you like my creative efforts ;)
me xxx