Monday, February 25, 2008

Caught in the Web 1

The Astrological Association publishes a bi-monthly Journal which is free to their members. The Astrological Journal is renowned throughout the world for the quality and breadth of its content and articles, so I feel honored that the Journal now has a regular column penned by yours truly. The column is a regular round-up of astrology on the Internet, so if you know of any sites you feel I should be reviewing please leave me a comment.

The first article is reproduced below, with many thanks to Gerasime Patilas, editor of the Journal, for the lovely graphic which heads the piece, and to Chris Mitchell for his proof reading skills.

Welcome to our regular round up of astrology on the Internet. There is no doubt that there is a lot of good astrology and astrological information to be found on the World Wide Web, but equally some are not so good. Each issue we will be looking at some of the better astrology sites and astrological communities on the Internet.

The Internet is currently thriving with online social networking communities such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook etc, but what if you are looking for a community of astrologers? In my view one of the best ways to find and network with other astrologers is via forums. There isn’t room here to list all of the good astrological forums so I’m going to use this issue to highlight my personal favourites.


So what is a forum? It’s an online community where people meet online to read and post topics of common interest. Forum participation, whether as a reader or a poster, can be a useful for any astrologer who wants to learn, discuss or just reach out to other astrologers. I would suggest you read the posts on the following forums as a good way to obtain a basic knowledge about each particular forum.

The Astrological Association Forum: As a part of its ongoing website makeover the Astrological Association has developed its own forum exclusively for members. Although it got off to a slow start it is now an active international community with many subjects under discussion. One of the main advantages of the AA’s forum, as you can see from the illustration, are the separate areas for discussion of astrological interests ranging from Hellenistic and Horary through to Mundane and Psychological. Not forgetting the social side of Internet networking there is also an area where you can meet and greet other AA members.

Node-o-Rama: Node-o-Rama is a US based forum with a lively community of astrologers from all around the world. In their own words they are “A community of astrology enthusiasts who discuss astrology using real-world examples.” They also have a section for horary astrology where you can develop and practice horary astrology skills as well as a non-astrological section for working with dream images. Our own Chris Mitchell is an administrator at Node-o-Rama – a sure sign that as well as some good astrology it’s also a fun place to be.

Skyscript Astrology Forum: For those of you who like traditional astrology Deborah Houlding’s site has a forum hidden away amongst its many treasures. This forum is for the serious astrologer with lots of discussion and debate centred on traditional astrological techniques. It’s a great learning resource and well worth a visit.

Jupiter Rising: This is my own forum and is included as an example of how forums can be used to enhance local groups. Jupiter Rising started life as the Suffolk Astrological Society magazine in the early 80’s; it was transformed into a mailing list in the 90’s and recently was transformed again into a forum. It has a small but growing community and gives us a way to discuss various astrological techniques as well as continue to discuss recent meeting topics.

This article first appeared in the Jan/Feb 08 edition of the Astrological Journal

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