Friday, February 15, 2008

Bits & Pieces – fitting together like a jigsaw

So yesterday (14th Feb) transiting Mars trined my ascendant, transiting Jupiter also opposed natal Uranus. Is there a good guy and a bad guy aspect here? No it’s all interlinked! Trines indicate that things come easy, but if the things indicated are big upsets then big upsets are what will come easy.

Natally I have Mars square Moon and in a wide opposition to Jupiter, I also have Uranus in Cancer. So Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are all connected with my home comforts (Cancer and the Moon). Late last night my heating (Mars) unexpectedly (Uranus) stopped working, temperatures are set to plummet during the weekend and there is not much chance of it being fixed before Tuesday.

So tonight (15th February) I visited my friend Kitty’s Blog. She is an excellent Blogger and as always there was a lot to catch up on at Kitty's Bloggy Bits. Jupiter is transiting my 11th house of friends and Mars is currently in Gemini. So here is my friend (11th) who puts a lot (Jupiter) of energy (Mars) into communicating (Gemini) via the Internet (Uranus).

While catching up with Kitty's Blog I discovered that she had handed me an award. The award was originally handed to Kitty for her excellent Blog. (The history of the award is documented by Kitty.) She in turn awarded it to: all the wonderful women bloggers over in my sidebar, some of whom I'm sure don't even know I exist, so won't ever know they've been awarded. They're in my sidebar because I just enjoy reading their blogs.

A Big Thankyou Kitty, I’m not much of a Blogger but I appreciate the award – it’s an honour and yet another manifestation of Jupiter opposite Uranus – it has inspired me (Jupiter) to add another post here as you can see. (Mars in Gemini)

I can’t sign off without mention of the current Mercury Retrograde. I took the time to rethink my website and to redesign it. The task was not without its glitches as you can imagine. A spare div threw the whole design out on IE – but I tracked it down and found it eventually. Even this fits in with the theme. Those who know me know that my astrological passion (Mars) is promoting (Jupiter) the wonderful and dedicated astrologers (Jupiter and Uranus) who work hard on a local (Gemini) level. So do you see how it all fits together? Transits shouldn’t be taken in isolation; the whole pattern and its connection to the natal chart are pieces that make the puzzle complete.

PS I would love to have some feedback on the website:


Kitty said...

Well, here I am with transiting Venus (in my first house ... hence eating a shortbread biscuit and putting on weight) trining my radical Venus (in Taurus ... ditto on the biscuit) and I find all this niceness :-D Lots of Venusian love!

Thank you for the big old plug - and you are very welcome to the award, it's very much deserved since you are cetainly a wonderful woman of the web.

I had a look at the redesigned website ... my verdict is that it's looking very swanky indeed - well done you!

Take care hun. xx

sas said...

Ah veus trine venus, lots of well deserved sweetness & love Kitty ;)
Thanks for your comment and thanks for casting your creative eye over astrogroups :)
sas xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award!

I bet you feel all special now and whatnot.

Thanks for visiting my blog.I hope you recovered easily. LOL

sas said...

Thanks for your comment PP :) I recovered so well that I'll be back for more....