Friday, January 11, 2008

Of Mars and Fools

Mars will come to the end of its retrograde period soon. Have you noticed how many people have been angry since it went retrograde on November 15th. If not angry then people seem to be lacking in energy or stressed. Mars is not best placed in Cancer, and being retrograde doubles the woes. During its period of being retrograde Mars started by mutually applying to a square of Venus, it will end its retrograde period having recently opposed Venus. So let’s talk about love, hate, some enduring friendships and some hard and fast enemies. I loved it because it was where I hosted my first forum, I along with some enduring friends I had met on the Internet wanted a place of our own. I love it because I made friends there, including FD who also had a forum, full of irreverent fun and zaniness. Sharing the same sense of humour (we both have the same mercury degree as Russell Brand if that’s any clue) I quickly felt as at home on his board as I did on mine. A lot of other posters were initially welcoming too, including Kjr, who was FD’s long-term admin, and P5 who seemed a vague but sweet old lady finding her way around the Internet. Now I chat a lot and soon became a prolific poster all over the place at Runboard forums. My own board was popular and indeed won the showcase board of the month. I thought I had made long term friends in FD and Kjr. As it happens I was only 50% right. I loathed it because it used to be slow and glitchy. Support admins never looked for a fault at their end as FD often pointed out to them. In fact his posts at support where often deleted and eventually they banned him from the support board, despite the fact that he had paid for premium support. On discovering that the ban extended to the other ‘official forums’ I relinquished my board of the month title and involvement.

Hard and Fast enemies? Let’s talk about Suk who posted on both my board and FD’s. In return I posted on her board. She seemed friendly enough at first, and even started to talk to my via MSN. I’m not sure which. I always felt Suk would be a bad enemy to make – there was something about the way she posted. Believe it or not you can tell a lot about people when you post with them on forums. Only a few times have I been wrong. (Refer to the 50% comment above)

Maybe I’m a good listener or maybe I’m gullible, but via MSN she started telling me about a long running online affair she had had with another RB poster. She talked of love, of Internet sex, of phone sex and of blackmail! I was horrified, never even knew such things went on. But after a while I began to wonder. The innate fairness in me began to note that I was only hearing one side of the story. Plus Suk had taken to showing me supposed private messages other posters had sent to her. I cooled off and Suk obviously noticed this and didn’t like it. I don’t know what she said but fairly soon Kjr P4 and Suk were cold shouldering me at FD’s board. In fact they were often downright rude and nasty.

FD eventually decided to close his board, the zaniness and fun had gone out of it, on making the announcement Kjr turned rather nasty, whilst P4 and Suk also began to show their true colours. They flounced of to Suk’s board where they had a good old chataway about me, one of my lovely ladies and FD. I was told by others that some of the posts were quite vindictive.

Eventually I decided that I had had enough of the cliques of Runboard and decide to build and host a forum combining both FD’s and mine. Off we went with a twinkle in our eye, leaving the others to it. So that totals Kjr, P4 and Suk as enduring enemies, and my lovely ladies along with FD as enduring friends.

Having previously closed my board I went quietly back to Runboard to delete it, thinking that was the end of the story. But of course Mars is still retrograde so it’s not quite the end. Someone has decided to recreate my url at runboard with their own board as I found out when I accidently clicked the bookmark, which I still haven't deleted. (My PC Housework is as erratic as my real housework.)

Keywords for this board are: FD, My username, wanker, wrinkled old prune. Who is to blame I wonder? Is it Suk and her gang using different names? Or someone else with a grudge? The support team at Runboard have left that board live for far longer than they ever left any of FD’s posts. As I write the board is ‘covered’ with an image that announces the board is temporarily closed. This is just one of the posts that lays underneath that image.

Yes I’m angry at this petty nastiness, yes I’m angry that some people just can’t move on from their nastiness. But you know what – I still have that warped sense of humour so I’m laughing hilariously here at the lengths some people will go to in order to exact what they see as revenge! Thanks for the laugh folks ;)


Kitty said...

Good for you Sas - he who laughs last, laughs longest ;-) xxx

sas said...

Thanks Kitty in a way they have complimented me by recreating the url ;)