Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And There’s More....

There are so many PS’s to the previous story that they deserve a Blog of their own so....

This is the first PS to this story. I sent a private message (PM) to one of the Runboard admins to ask what was going on with regard to the parody board. On receipt of my PM the admin has finally closed the board and suspended it so that nobody else can recreate it. Said admin told me that they had been having fun with the person who created the board with their posts. Well thanks for that! Meanwhile anyone looking for would have found that parody board first!

A few more PM’s flew back and forth during which the Runboard admin told me they were hoping to catch someone posting on that board. The admins obviously underestimated the board creators who obviously noticed a redirect and would have steered well clear of the parody board whilst using their standard username.

After this and acting on a hunch I did a Google search, and what do you know? FD’s old board had been recreated too. This had already been suspended as being a parody board, I suspect after the RB admins realised that I had discovered my parody board. And here goes the second PS. FD decided that he wanted his parody board left open, said he wanted to be insulted. rofl So he too sent a private message to a Runboard admin insisting that they reopen the board. This they have done but much to FD’s disgust have made it impossible to post on.

As FD rightly points out, at any other Internet or Forum board host it would be impossible to recreate a previous url, but then RB always were a law unto themselves. They offload all responsibility for libellous content by saying they don’t get involved in personal disputes. I recently saw a post at their support forum from a poster complaining he was being slandered. Runboard’s response was to say they won’t get involved and then to close the thread.

And on to PS #3 whilst lurking at FD’s parody board who should come along but two posters with similar user names to my own and FD’s. If the culprits are reading this can I just note that you are cowards all! You haven’t the guts to come out into the open with your hate and bile, maybe you are too busy cooking things up in your pie factory or still having a chat away. But let me tell you now that your activities are still causing me much hilarity.

Oh and here is a bit of astrology. I have Mars at one degree of Scorpio, the strongest position for this planet. Most of the time it lays dormant – but wrong me, my family, or my friends and you will see evidence of just how strong a determination I can have, and, providing I can stop laughing long enough, I can come out fighting – Super Mars at your service!


Anonymous said...

More power to you, Only thing you can do is laugh :) TessX

sas said...

They are a laughable shower Tess ;) Thanks for commenting

Kitty said...

Even I - a Mars in Aries girl - have respect for a Mars in Scorpio person ;-)

Really - shouldn't these people have better things to do with their time? :-O How dull must their lives be to be able to go to all the trouble to create a bogus board?


bliss said...

They obviously have nothing better to do with their time Sas


sas said...

Hiya Kitty, this blogging lark is good for explaining things to the world isn't it?
Thanks for your comment, their lives must be very dull indeed because they built not one but two bogus boards.
sas xx

Hiya Bliss,
thanks for your comment, you can see now why I chose to leave RB. Glad I did because we have a lovely community of people where we are now ;)
sas xx