Sunday, November 18, 2007

Out Of The Shadows

So here we are out of the shadow of Mercury and it’s time for an update, but where to start! I said more than once that this last retrograde period was more retrograde than retrograde.

First of all an update on my ISP. After a few brief outages I decided that I would change my ISP I planned to start the migration process on November the 1st when Mercury stationed on that lucky star, Spica. But as with all plans when Mercury is retrograde it didn’t quite happen that way. A long outage prompted me to sign up with a company that had been recommended to me; one I had previously researched and seen good reviews for. Initially I had problems getting my mac number but an email and phone call soon prompted a response, once the deed was done I had an email to say that the migration was expected to be completed on…. 1st November! (Mercury the trickster doing me a favour here.) I am now a customer of Zen Internet not the biggest guy on the block, nor the cheapest, but reliable!

Maybe because Mercury was retrograde from my 8th – 7th house I experienced a lot of gossip behind my back. At work the manager went on holiday leaving me with far too much responsibility. Being the type of person I am I do what I am asked to do, but it was very stressful, recruitment forms not filled in correctly, budget problems to deal with, someone handing in their notice. It was all very stressful. Then I found out that one colleague had been dissing me behind my back to other members of staff, unfortunately instead of asking me if there is any truth in what was being said a couple of the other people I work with decided to cold shoulder me.

Much the same has happened in Internet land. For the last two years I have hosted a successful form at Runboard. Mostly it’s a nice community of forums, but not the most reliable, earlier in the year I made a back up board for my forum and for someone elses. So that gives me 3 forums to monitor, then there is the recently made Jupiter Rising astrology forum. So all in all it takes up a lot of time.

But back to the runboard story, there are just a few people there who think they should have a finger in every board or control what goes on. When Mercury was retrograde earlier in the year some trouble kicked off with once again someone dissing me behind my back and again instead of asking me if there is any truth in what was being said a couple of the other posters decided to cold shoulder me. This didn’t happen at my board though, nor at theirs but at a another board, those who were there know which board it was. It got so bad that the owner deleted the board because this wasn’t what his board was meant to be about. Some more issues kicked off again this time, it may or may not be related to the first incident, I really don’t know. But this prompted me to decide to close my lovely forum – however it is to be reborn very soon at another location. I have signed up with a new web host and got myself the domain name astrogunge. I’m hoping that Mercury is again doing me a favour and that the new forum will be a success.

Other things? Too numerous to mention, but here are a few. I’ve been part of a team giving a website somewhere a makeover, unfortunately it is not the best built website in the world and we decided it would be better to get a professional in to do the redesign. The leader of our team, and the most knowledgeable about how it all works decided to throw in the towel, leaving 2 of us with partial knowledge to try and hold it all together.

Then there was the joint Astrological Association/Scottish Astrological Association seminar in Edinburgh. Nothing wrong with it, the day was a great success, but! Usually these events are run by a team of us, for one reason and another the other team members couldn’t make the event, so it was left to me to attend on the day on behalf of the AA so all the last minute organising (of which there is a LOT) and the chairing was left to me. The good news? I had a lovely long weekend in Edinburgh with my other half and got to meet up with some of my Scottish astrology friends.

Oh and one more strange thing, I went to get my hair cut and my hairdresser said that my hair has suddenly started growing in a ‘different pattern’ how weird is that!


Kitty said...

Lovely to see you back blogging Sas - I've missed you.

Yes, that last phase of retrograde Mercury was a bit of a sod, to say the least. All kinds of things kicking off in my world too!

I'm sure the new board will be a roaring success - Mercury trining Mars on Tuesday is a very auspicious aspect for launch night, as I'm sure won't have escaped you.

Take care :-) x

sas said...

Thanks Kitty - with all that has been going on Ihaven't had much time for blogging.
Hopefully the new board will be as lively as mercury trine mars suggests :)