Monday, October 8, 2007

In The Shadow Of Mercury Retrograde

mercury shadowed Astrologers, and some non-astrologers, are well aware of the Mercury Retrograde phenomenon.

When a planet is described as 'retrograde' it is appearing to go backwards in the sky. Of course it doesn't really go backwards. It's like being in a train as a faster, train goes past, and you feel like the train you are in is going backwards, when you're not at all. Mercury experiences a retrograde cycle about once every 4 months, and remains retrograde for approximately 3 weeks.

Mercury has 3 sessions of retrograde motion each year; it rules communications so during the retrograde period all areas of communication can go awry. You can expect various miscommunications, delays, glitches with phones, mail, computers, websites, in fact anything that you use as a method of contacting others. It’s also not a good time to sign contracts.

So what is the Shadow of Mercury Retrograde and why am I Blogging about it? The shadow period runs either side of the retrograde period, from the earliest zodiac degree it will retrograde to and then to the latest degree. The table below illustrates this phenomenon.

retrograde table

As you can see, we are already in the shadow period as I write this. During the run up to Mercury Retrograde the opening shadow period gives a hint of what can go wrong – things will start glitching, communications will go awry. The current UK postal strike is a perfect illustration of this. The closing period is when things start to settle down with maybe a few final kicks up the rear end from the Trickster.

Already I have experienced some glitches, including my mobile phone suddenly deciding it didn’t have a sim card, my web hosts disabling my web page because I had forgotten to update my card details. (Have to say they were most apologetic when I pointed out that I hadn’t received their warning emails and the problem was fixed within seconds) The most notable glitch though is continued slowing down of my Internet connection. Now I have been with this provider for some years with no problems until this last year. Some evenings lately it slows to a crawl, and support has gone downhill, maybe because it was taken over by a larger company. It’s not the cheapest, nor the most well known. I researched before I signed up and narrowed it down to two providers. I chose this one!

I was recently talking online to someone about this and he recommended his supplier, again not the cheapest nor the most well known. Turns out his supplier is the second of the two I originally narrowed my choice down to. When I checked back it was on the 22nd September that we started discussing this! So it looks like it’s definitely time for a change – but do I wait until Mercury turns direct and completely out of the shadow period before I sign up? Watch this space!

me thinking <<<<<< Me Thinking


melanie said...

Hi Sas
Greetings fellow Gemini :)
I was interested reading about that as I too have had commuication difficulties over this last month...A friends internet went down and it was 2 days before we chatted..(usually every day) there are also a few other instances but, now you mention it. there does seem to be sometimg in it! Roll on THE END!

I also read the 1st post and thing you DO make a great blogger..and, as this post shows, it won't be long before you do actually right reams and reams..
AS you may have noticed..I am a waffler! It takes me about 4 paragraphs to say with that in mind



melanie said...

Excuse my poor spelling must be the retrograde *blush*

sas said...

Nice to meet you Melanie :) Thanks for your kind words re my Blogging. Mercury Retrograde can be a frustrating time, I'll have to make a post about making the best of the Mercury Retrograde period.
Don't worry about the spelling, I'm known as the typo queen, must be a Gemini thing. :))

Kitty said...

LOL at you two Geminis - can I wade in with my 3rd house Sun ;-)

I had never heard of this shadow period before you first mentioned it some months ago, Sas. But yes, I too can confirm that communications have not been at their best. And roll on the end of the postal strike - it's not until it's not there that I've realised how much I use it!

Keep blogging - you always have interesting things to say.
:-) x

sas said...

Thanks for your comments Kitty, the shadow period can be very frustrating. Postal strike seems to be over, but now we are well and truly into the retrograde period I see that Aer Lingus are threatening to strike.
I'm hoping to find time to make a follow up post about Mercury retograde, watch this space ;)