Sunday, October 7, 2007

Animated Gifs Dilemma

This wasn't intended to be my 2nd post, but needs must! I've solved the animated gifs in posts dilemma.

It seems that Blogger does something to your animated gifs when you upload them from your own machine. Therefore you will need to find an online photo host. I used photobucket.

Upload your image to photobucket, then add the image to your post using the URL upload – but click ‘done’ quickly because otherwise it seems to go on adding the same image. (I had to delete the extra ones)

The next step is to check the image size, using html to correct if it is necessary – mine was twice the size it should be. Hopefully this will give you an animated gif in your post.

Me being successful<<<<< Me being successful


Kitty said...

I knew you'd be able to sort it out - *quick round of applause*. I don't have Photobucket - will ImageShack do it?

I've tagged you with a meme if you want to play - see my latest post (entitled '10 Titbits'). If you don't want to play, that's fine, I have sometimes ignored a tag.

Take care :-) x

sas said...

I'm not sure Kitty, try it and see. If not there's nothingto stop you having an account at too - it's free.

I took a look at the meme, my trouble is not that I don't know what to Blog - it's finding time for what I want to Blog ;)